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Franchise with an Edge

For those working in microtunnelling who want all the benefits of owning a business but are put off by the long hours, stress and a lack of start-up capital, Edge Underground Managing Director Stuart Harrison has a compelling solution.

A provider of precision microtunnelling services, Edge Underground has installed thousands of kilometres of sewer and water lines all around Australia.

As the company continues to grow, Mr Harrison has been looking at new innovative ways to expand the team in a way the rewards its employees as much as its owners – leading Mr Harrison to develop the Edge Underground franchisee model.

Run your own show, without the stress

Edge Underground is looking to partner with microtunnellers who are ready to step up and enjoy many of the benefits business owners enjoy, such as profit percentages on any jobs worked, without the stress and start-up costs that come with running your own business.
“Our business model is focused on bringing the best people into our company, and training them up to run job sites as if they were an owner in the business,” said Mr Harrison.

“When you run one of our job sites, you’re not just paid a wage, you earn a percentage of the profit generated from the job. Not only is this a benefit to our team members, it also helps us run our job sites efficiently. Every single person working for Edge has an interest in the job being completed to the highest standard and in the best possible time frame.”

Edge by name, edge by nature

Before founding Edge Underground, Stuart Harrison worked for over 25 years as a contractor involved in the installation of sewer and water pipelines via various open cut and trenchless methods.

Not satisfied that any of the existing solutions represented the optimum combination of efficiency, productivity and pinpoint precision, Mr Harrison began developing his own guided boring system. In 2002, the patented AXIS guided boring system was completed.

A revolutionary development at the time, the system provided a versatile pit-launched trenchless pipeline installation method that enabled pinpoint on-grade accuracy without the productivity sacrifices associated with other precision installation methods.

In 2006, Vermeer Corporation reached an agreement with Harrison to acquire his patented technology. In the time since, Vermeer and Mr Harrison have continued to refine the Vermeer AXIS guided boring system to improve and enhance its capabilities.

In Australia and around the world, Edge Underground has completed an extensive range of domestic and international pipeline projects, specialising in complicated gravity sewer and water main installations requiring absolute on grade precision in varied and changing ground conditions.

Working with Edge provides access to not only the AXIS guided boring system, but to an extensive network of contractors, in Australia and around the world, who use the system daily and can assist in achieving the best outcomes for challenging installations.

Does this sound like you?

Edge Underground comprises a group of no-nonsense individuals who want to achieve the best results possible, concluded Mr Harrison, who wishes to make sure that all involved parties are rewarded in the company’s success.

“With Edge, employees enjoy the benefits of owning their own business, without having to take on any of the stress that can sometimes come with owning your own small business. We’ll work together to achieve the best outcomes on all of our projects. And when things don’t go according to plan, instead of pointing fingers, we’ll work together for the best solution.”

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