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Queensland Councillor’s report

Project wise, there are large projects finishing, such as the Gold Coast Rapid Transit and Legacy Way, and new large projects coming online, such as the second Toowoomba Range Crossing, Adarni and the Arrow Bowen Gas Projects (Upstream and Midstream). It is thought that these new projects will need trenchless support to achieve their respective scopes.

This work, the NBN and the combination of the renewals and new installation of energy and utility services should see our industry remaining busy.

I found some time in November to conduct a Queensland road show discussing trenchless applications. I was accompanied by Andy Holman from Global Pipe to keep me company (and awake behind the wheel) over the 1,900 km journey. We presented information on trenchless techniques, contractual strategies, trenchless pipe and risk in the trenchless industry, as well as discussing the respective qualities of GRE and GRP pipe.

In total, we visited the following ten councils and water authorities up the East Coast of Queensland: UnityWater, Fraser Coast Regional Council, Wide Bay Water, Bundaberg Regional Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Gladstone Area Water Board, Rockhampton Regional Council, Fitzroy Water, McKay Regional Council and Cairns Regional Council.

The presentations went well and the general feedback and appreciation of the water authorities and councils was very positive. From my perspective, the presentations were well attended and the level of trenchless awareness and knowledge is good.

In the presentations, we also touched on the following topical items relevant to our industry: the ASTT and its purpose/role, the upcoming No-Dig Conference 2015 and where to go when trenchless information and guidance is needed.

This past quarter has also seen the commencement of the ASTT Queensland Chapter’s Presentation and Networking Nights. The first one was held on 10 December 2014 and was well attended by a good cross section of contractors, clients, designers/consultants, suppliers and service providers.

The forum saw some informative presentations on trenchless risk by Bamser and the Verification of Competency (by Trenchless Advisor) that our horizontal directional drilling industry and the NBN is embracing. The next ASTT Presentation and Networking Night was held on 25 February and featured presentations from Vermeer and Iplex.

The next Presentation and Networking Night will be held on 20 May 2015. Please watch out for the flyer detailing the night and contact me via email at if you would like to sponsor and/or attend.

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