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South Australia Councillor’s report

Vacuum excavation is currently particularly strong in South Australia and is expected to continue for this quarter across a large range of projects. Indeed, there certainly seems to be a lot of infrastructure projects either going on or recently completed around the state at the moment, but maybe that’s every year?

Looking ahead at South Australia’s upcoming infrastructure projects, a large range of these projects are focused around the state-owned SA Water Corporation and seek to improve capacities, upgrade facilities and cater for population growth.

Perhaps the most exciting project expected to wrap up in 2015, is the Gawler Wastewater Network Capacity Upgrade. With the ageing wastewater network in the Gawler area now over 50 years old – and with an increase in population and the rapid expansion of the area – the existing network is nearing capacity. To accommodate this future growth, SA Water has commenced an upgrade of the network, with the project involving the upgrade of two existing below ground wastewater pump stations and the installation of approximately 2.8 km of new wastewater pipe.

The upgrade at the pump station, located adjacent the North Para River Bridge, will include a new underground wet well to collect wastewater, the installation of two new pumps, and associated instrumentation and controls equipment. Up to 2.8 km of new pipe, meanwhile, will be laid to connect the upgraded pump station at the North Para Bridge to the existing network at Gawler West’s Overway Bridge Road.

Though the 2.8 km of new pipe will primarily be constructed using open-cut construction methods, the pipeline will also cross the Gawler railway as well as make two river crossings over the North Para River and South Para River.

For these crossings, the project will utilise Trenchless Technology.

SA Water says the installation for these crossings will be carried out using directional bore techniques, with two pits constructed and the pipe drilled underground beneath them. Construction on the $A7.3 million project began in mid-2014 with a projected completion date of December 2015.

There are many infrastructure projects underway in South Australia at the moment, and I hope the New Year will see many completed (and more commissioned).

Finally, I am looking forward to the next installment of Ozwater, with this year’s exhibition to be held at the newly expanded Adelaide Convention Centre. Held from 12-14 May 2015, the conference and trade show will bring together the who’s who in water to discuss the important topics facing the water industry and provide a platform to exchange strategies and ideas in a public forum. I hope to see you there!

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