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More investment needed to protect our water assets

In the Audit, the Federal statutory authority called for increased investment in the upkeep and replacement of Australia’s water assets.

“Underinvestment in maintenance of some water assets, and ageing infrastructure, will require an increased focus on maintenance and renewal,” noted Infrastructure Australia in the section entitled Water sector – specific findings in Volume I of the Audit.

Elsewhere, the Audit cited the National Water Commission’s emphasis on the more efficient use of water assets to improve resilience against climate change and extreme weather. This resilience could be achieved through the minimisation of water losses through repair of leaks and breakages.

The Audit also found evidence of underspending on water and sewage maintenance in areas where such services are provided by local government.

Released in late-May 2015, the Audit provides a top-down assessment of the direct economic contributions (DECs) of the nation’s infrastructure, with a view to the future in terms of population and economic growth.

The Audit is available as a PDF download from the Infrastructure Australia website.

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