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The sound of sewers

The innovative technology uses sound rather than sight to assess the condition of underground pipes.

Queensland Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull said both the SL-RAT and the SewerBATT were used to inspect 7 km of pipeline in Brisbane last month as part of a joint trial with the Water Services Association of Australia.

“This new technology could provide us with another tool to quickly find blockages in our sewer network,” said Ms Cull.

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SewerRAT)
The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SewerRAT).

“The SL-RAT and SewerBATT assess the condition of a pipe by emitting a signal and recording the acoustic response, effectively listening for any blockages or defects.

“There is no need for the operator to enter the maintenance hole or come into contact with wastewater.”

Ms Cull said Queensland Urban Utilities is currently assessing the effectiveness of these technologies, which have the potential to provide significant savings by streamlining the use of existing jet cleaning and CCTV technologies.

Water Services Association of Australia Executive Director Adam Lovell said the results of the trial, which included four other water utilities, were expected by the end of July 2015.

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