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Vermeer opens flagship Melbourne facility

Palmerston North City Council has said that Trenchless Technology would be considered should it need to replace pipes in the city’s network, located on New Zealand’s North Island, that have burst twice in the past two months.

A burst occurred on 18 January, in one of two pipes under the Fitzherbert Bridge, disrupting water supply and affecting pressure in some parts of the city. This follows a burst in the other pipe on 8 December 2010. The council said it is quite possible it would look at replacing the 25 year-old fibreglass pipe, instead of just carrying out repairs. Palmerston North City Council Water and Wastewater Services Manager Chris Pepper said “If the pipes are susceptible to regular failure, replacement could be a better option.” Mr Pepper said that if it is decided to replace the pipe “a trenchless solution would definitely be considered.”

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