KBR, John Holland win major Melbourne Metro rail project

Awarded by the Victorian State Government as part of the Railroad Crossing Removal Project, the grade separations will be the first of the Government’s program to remove Melbourne’s 50 most congested level crossings.

The project will remove level crossings, lower railway lines, and rebuild train stations at Centre Road in Bentleigh, North Road in Ormond, McKinnon Road in McKinnon and Burke Road in Glen Iris.

With the scope of the works including the relocation of above-ground station structures to underground levels, it is anticipated the project will require significant levels of underground asset relocating and installation.

KBR Engineering and Construction President for the Asia-Pacific, Ivor Harrington, said the rail line will be lowered under the road at each location and stations will be rebuilt to provide street level access down to the platforms.

“They will be safer, more accessible and will have better connections to other public transport modes,” he said.

Watch a video outlining the Railroad Crossing Removal Project

Delivering the grade separations and station rebuilds at four sites as one coordinated package is expected to streamline costs, reduce disruptions to rail and road users, and create accelerated delivery of safer transportation infrastructure, said a KBR spokesperson.

The project is scheduled for completion by 2018. At peak, the workforce is expected to reach approximately 350 people.

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