nbn doubles its workforce to 9,000

A new recruitment and training drive from nbn and its delivery partners aims to double the project workforce from 4,500 to 9,000.

nbn has committed nearly $A40 million to the initiative and says that the expanded workforce will be necessary to support the accelerated connection of over eight million homes by 2020. As part of the program, nbn will be signing agreements with numerous training organisations – including Registered Training Organisations and TAFEs – as well as launching a national skills register to keep records of worker accreditations across the network. The recruitment campaign will focus on several major rollout regions across Australia, with NSW seeing the creation of an additional 1,300 jobs. The drive aims to attract everyone from late-stage career workers looking for a job that fits in with their lifestyle, to workers leaving the construction industry and school leavers with little or no working experience. In particular, nbn is hoping to recruit telco copper cable jointers, telco linesworkers, cablers, telco technicians and electrical linesworkers. nbn CEO Bill Morrow encouraged diversity among applicants and emphasised the opportunities available with the company. “To those thinking about what course or career to pursue, our partners are developing options that will include training and real job opportunities on the nbn™ network over the long term.” To find out more information about the recruitment drive visit the nbn website.

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