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Hunter Water MD resigns

Hunter Water Chairman Terry Lawler said the news had come as a surprise.

“During the past four years Kim has driven substantial change in the operation and focus of Hunter Water, particularly in the areas of debt stabilisation and asset rationalisation via the sale of the Head Office building, land reserved for the Tillegra Dam and boutique consultancy Hunter Water Australia.

“Kim came to the job with a vision to make Hunter Water one of Australia’s leading water utilities. He has taken us towards that vision, providing much needed leadership and commencing a process of refreshing
the company culture.”

Hunter Water’s customers today enjoy the lowest average water bill of any medium or large sized utility in Australia. The Hunter Water Board has recognised Hunter Water’s role in ensuring infrastructure is appropriately sized to allow for the growth of the region as our population moves towards 1 million people.

Kim Wood will continue to work in his role throughout August and September with the Board to commence the search for a replacement Managing Director immediately

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