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An Australian pipe repair innovation

Since the introduction of the Australian-made Smart Lock pipe repair system approximately two years ago, the product has been successfully installed numerous times on a range of pipe sizes, types and repair requirements.

Suitable for collapsed and broken pipelines, water infiltration or root infestation, the Smart Lock system features an expanding Smart Lock Sleeve manufactured in 3.16 marine-grade stainless steel with a series of external locking belts. Recognising resin-impregnated fibreglass as the most common and proven technology in Australia for localised pipeline repair, Smart Lock combined its own resin-impregnated fibreglass mat into the product to create a repair system with structural enhancements and no cure time.

Available in diameters ranging from 100-750 mm, the system is also available in a large-diameter two-piece entry system known as the Smart Lock large. The company also offers specially designed and Australian-manufactured Smart Lock Packers, which have extremely large bypasses and optional on board location lasers.

Proven again and again

“Since the introduction of the Smart Lock pipe repair system, the takeup rate has been extremely pleasing,” said Smart Lock Director Neil Kermeen.

“Authorised installers, contractors, asset owners and managers have recognised the huge benefits of the system, with the most common discussion point being the short period of time required to install a Smart Lock repair.

“In most case we have found that an installation of a Smart Lock takes between half and two-thirds the time of a traditional point repair system installation.”

With Smart Lock now being installed around Australia and New Zealand, the company is proud to be able to design and manufacture such a high quality product in Australia for the trenchless industry, concluded Mr Kermeen.

“One of the best things about manufacturing in Australia is that it allows us to tailor our product if a client requires something different,” he said.

In Australia and New Zealand, the future for Smart Lock looks exciting, with more markets and product variations coming to the Smart Lock range in the near future.

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