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CCTV goes solar in Bega

In May 2014, Bega Valley Shire Council invited tender submissions for the supply of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment under the tender description, “÷Supply of CCTV Vehicle and Mobile Office’.

The tender called for a system capable of inspecting pipes from 150-1,500 mm in diameter and up to 300 m in length. The project required a system that was vehicle-mounted, while also having the functionality to be removable in order to facilitate operation in remote and inaccessible areas.

Austeck was awarded the tender in late September and set about bringing the project to fruition within the targeted six week delivery deadline.

A first for Australia

“The specification was a unique and challenging one in that it not only called for cutting edge technology as far as the functionality of the CCTV equipment was concerned, but it also required a delivery system that had not been attempted in Australia before,” said Austeck Managing Director Tristan Day.

To meet the rigorous performance criteria of the CCTV equipment, the Kummert F200 Crawler system was selected. The design of the vehicle was set out to ensure the maximum safety, productivity, and comfort of the crew. Programmable LED hazard bars, 270-degree operator workstation, 80 litre water tank, multi-functional lowering device and a 1,000 W reverse-cycle air-conditioner were just a few of the features of the final product.

“Austeck has delivered in excess of 60 CCTV vehicle mounted systems over the years and hundreds of portable ones, but, this time, the client wanted one system with the capability of both a portable and stationary system,” continued Mr Day.

“Thankfully, a defining attribute of the Kummert system is that it delivers just that, which, coupled with its solar power source, affords the client the unprecedented flexibility of having a fully automatic system that can be deployed literally anywhere.”

Better CCTV technology for Bega

Having run vehicle mounted CCTV pipeline inspection equipment for many years, Bega Valley Shire Council has a great deal of experience in the field and did their homework when it came to putting together the desired specification for their replacement system. Looking for a holistic approach to carry them forward, they sought to move away from the “÷bolt-on’ style methodology of their existing technology, citing user friendliness, cost effectiveness, functionality and productivity as their main priorities for their new equipment.

“The new equipment runs purely from the on-board solar system provided by Austeck without the aid of a generator or relying on power being generated by the vehicle’s alternator,” said Edan Jeffs, a career CCTV operator with seven years’ experience.

“At this point in time we have never had to charge the system from mains and the batteries have never dipped below 80 per cent. Since we received the system in October 2014 it has proven to be superior to its predecessor in every way.”

Bega Valley Shire Council Water and Sewerage Operations Manager Bruce Powell added “With the modern construction of the Kummert system allowing for its simple disassembly and servicing, the operator has an opportunity to replace key items locally. As a regional water utility wishing to minimise system service downtime and costs, this was another attractive feature of the Kummert offering to Council at the time of tender.”

Since the commissioning of the Bega system, Austeck has been approached by numerous authorities and contractors with a similar desire to take their technology and the service they provide to the next level with solar-powered Kummert equipment.

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