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From the ASTT Secretary

Corporate members – Australia

  • Peter Pana from DLL
  • Chris Shorten from Dynamic Excavations
  • Paul Fortune from Denso Australia
  • Scott Feilding from DM Civil
  • Stella Kindos from Force One Aust
  • Anthony Panozzo from Adept Drainage Pty Ltd

Individual Members – Australia

  • Daryl Seamons from Unearth It

2015 Annual General Meeting

This year’s 23rd combined Council and Annual General Meeting was held in Melbourne on 30 April.

The minutes of this meeting can be downloaded from the ASTT website at the following link:

Executive appointments

As a result of implementing the new processes as outlined within the revised ASTT Constitution, the positions of President and Vice President were determined immediately after the Council for 2015-2016 was finalised, and not at the AGM as has happened in the past. The outcome of this new format is that Steven Apeldoorn from New Zealand has stepped down from his role as Vice President, and moved into the new role as President and Chris Frangos from Victoria will now be Vice President.

I personally would like to thank Trevor Gosatti the outgoing President for all the wonderful work he has done for the ASTT since he was appointed to the role in 2009.

Listed below are some of the key achievements and activities that Trevor was involved in during his six years as President:

  • Development of standards and guidelines
  • Second and third series of Training and Awareness Seminars in all states and in NZ
  • Formalising the Conference Management Agreement with Great Southern Press
  • 2009 National Conference and Exhibition – Melbourne
  • 2009 Bid preparation assistance for the 2013 International No-Dig Down Under in Sydney
  • 2010 No-Dig Live – Coffs Harbour
  • 2010 WaterNZ Conference – Christchurch
  • 2010 New ASTT website launched
  • 2011 National Conference and Exhibition – Brisbane
  • 2012 second No-Dig Live – Melbourne Showgrounds
  • 2013 Advocacy material in ASTT branded folder
  • 2013 International No-Dig Down Under – Sydney
  • 2013 Development of Trenchless Membership benefits flyer
  • 2013 Completion of resource and assessment material for training package competencies
  • 2014 NASTT training proposal negotiations
  • Trevor will remain the Western Australian Councillor for 2015-2016.

2015 ASTT Activities

This year we will see some exciting initiatives kicked off under the new presidency of Steve Apeldoorn. Close to Steve’s heart, we will see the introduction of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs will be technical divisions within the ASTT. Each SIG will be established to represent a specific trenchless sector. The SIGs will be made up of ASTT members with the same interests and will be coordinated by a voluntary committee made up of the members of the group. Each SIG will be responsible for identifying what
activities are needed to support members of the group and to promote their field of interest.

The SIGs will also act as the industry “subject matter experts” and will act to solve queries or problems that may be raised from within the society or from others outside of the membership. Each year the SIGs will assist the Council to develop the Society’s annual plans and budgets.

Council has now approved the SIG Guidelines so we are all set and ready to go. For more information on SIGs, and how you can create a SIG or become part of one, turn to page 20 of this magazine.

On another front will be the introduction of the NASTT best practice training courses at the Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition later on this September. Council has also agreed on the wording and conditions of the ASTT/NASTT Agreement, so this also is now ready to implement.

We will be looking for presenters later on to assist with the delivery of the training. To date, only Ben Crosby has been to the US and undertaken trainer instruction on HDD with the NASTT. If you are interested, please liaise directly with Ben via email at

Members Directory

A reminder to all members to review the information listed about you and your company on the ASTT website. To view, go to the Members Directory area of the ASTT website at

If any changes are required – especially the nominated person shown for the membership – then please send the changes to me and I will amend.

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