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Pushing the boundaries

Servicing the Australian drain cleaning and vacuum loading equipment industry, Spoutvac Australia maintains a focus on standardisation and bringing the latest technology and developments from around the world. To see how Australian operators could stand to benefit from the advancements of European manufacturers, Spoutvac Industrial Sales Manager Rodney Purtill travelled to the RO-KA-TECH exhibition in Germany in May 2015. This approach enabled the company to produce some of the most user-friendly and fuel-efficient vacuum and jetting units available.

One such innovation adoption is the newly advanced Spoutvac CAN-Bus system. The system now provides operators with the ability to see real-time fuel burn rates at the rear of the unit while it is in operation. The feature is built into the IFM control screen and allows the operator to infinitely adjust the vacuum and jetting performance to suit the application, in turn saving fuel and limiting unnecessary wear and tear.

During trials conducted at Spoutvac’s testing facility, fuel savings of up to 10 litres per hour were achieved during normal drain cleaning operation. Further, the new system increased efficiency in work situations such as loading and sludge dewatering operations due to the addition of a real-time load display to the control system.

Getting the show on the road

Over the past six months, Spoutvac has also been active in the market conducting successful demonstrations of the Spoutvac Kroll Recycler units, showing customers up close how they can benefit from the technology. From June/July 2015, Spoutvac will also be adding a new cassette combination truck to the demonstration program. Known as the SV3750 Industrial Combination Unit, the truck will travel across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Customers that would like to test and trial this unit should contact Spoutvac’s sales team to set up a demonstration appointment.

Spoutvac’s modular approach to unit design has led to a significant rise in the popularity of its products over the last five years. And with the end of the financial year in sight, 2014-2015 looks to be the busiest in the company’s history. Spoutvac Group General Manager Andrew Mollison expressed his satisfaction with his team’s efforts to accomplish this.

“I am very satisfied to see the market leaders are again choosing Spoutvac units for their businesses,” he said.

“Our continued focus on innovation and product backup is leading the way for new partnerships to be formed.”

Adding value

The ability to select, as standard, unit features that normally are reserved for expensive custom builds has proven to be high value-adding factor for customers. A good example is a SV3750 Industrial Combination Unit recently delivered to Mainstream Industries in New South Wales. The unit was the first to be fitted with a dry waste bag house system.

“Adding the vacuum bag house system feature to our new combination unit means that we are getting more work from customers that normally would have utilised a purpose-built dry suction machine,” said Mainstream Managing Director Troy Rose.

“The unit is kicking butt and we are getting a lot of enquiries for “÷that machine’.”

Brand new second hand

The addition of a used trucks trading page to the Spoutvac website has also generated significant market interest. According to Spoutvac Industrial Sales Manager Rodney Purtill, the company had a lot of customers approach the company to sell their older units after contracts had been completed or the unit was no longer required.

“When we took a look around we saw there was no real location for customers to advertise this specific type of product, so we thought we would help them out,” said Mr Purtill.

Leading this service division nationally is Spoutvac In-Service Support Manager Shayne McDonald. With a rising demand for the service and support of vacuum and drain cleaning trucks – not just limited to Spoutvac’s own units – this part of the business continues to grow.

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