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Quality defect management

The structural integrity of these new assets is dependent upon a multitude of factors including ground volatility, compaction, weather events, appropriate selection and use of materials, installation methods, adherence to engineers’ specifications, as well as construction and timeline pressures. Trenchless Technology has become increasingly useful during the standard defect liability period where traditional repair methods are outdated, disruptive and expensive.

Asset managers now have a variety of rehabilitation options available. However, even these new methodologies can too often be unnecessary and costly. Trenchless patch, seal, and lining technologies allow for a remote repair, but what systems and in what combination work best?

Identification is key

CCTV surveys are now a common routine maintenance practice, providing a basis for both initial defect identification and subsequent Trenchless repair. One of the latest additions to the Australian and New Zealand Trenchless market is a well-established and proven system that meets DiBT, WRc, ASTM and NSF approvals and is already in widespread use throughout Europe and America. Developed in Germany in 1999, QUICKLOCK is a fast, effective way of bringing new (and existing) pipe systems into compliance. A system such as QUICKLOCK that requires no more preparation for the repair than the routine inspection, offers a streamlined approach to defect management.

Common issues in newly laid pipes such as circumferential wall cracks and fractures, rubber ring protrusion at joints, and missing lifting hole plugs (as pictured) can all be rehabilitated rapidly by utilising the innovative QUICKLOCK system – its mechanical seal formed by a self-locking steel sleeve, encased in a seam-free EDPM rubber gasket. Without the need to wait for epoxies or glass to cure, installation can occur at a rate of up to 20 seals per day using minimal labour and minimal preparation.

The unique QUICKLOCK packer design also enables flow to be maintained throughout the complete installation process. QUICKLOCK revolutionises the point repair market in terms of speed of identification, installation, quality of materials and functionality.

Now available to CCTV operators

QUICKLOCK is now readily accessible to the CCTV operators responsible for assessment and diagnosis. A patch solution can be offered and quite often implemented whilst onsite by conducting a standard survey, improving efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. QUICKLOCK is designed to complement existing CCTV systems, avoiding the need for expensive investment in new equipment or technologies.

The wide range of defects QUICKLOCK can repair, combined with its rapid installation, minimal cross-sectional area loss and long-lasting materials, make it an essential alternative, complementing the suite of rehabilitation products currently available to the industry.

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