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Real revolution

For utilities that deal in underground networks and buried assets, the ongoing detection management of these assets is plagued by inefficiencies and uncertainty. Recognising these challenges, Real Systems conducted major research to tackle the problem from the ground up. The company developed DETECTAPIPE, a product that is currently being used throughout the telecommunications market, in many major regions, with enormous success.

DETECTAPIPE is on the case

DETECTAPIPE is a simple-to-install piping product embedded with a trace wire for fast and easy detection by handheld utility locator devices. Trace wires for each DETECTAPIPE segment are removed and crimped together, with bore pipe slotting together tightly with other PVC piping. Once installed, DETECTAPIPE is then easily located by the use of a handheld ground-penetrating radar or utility location device.

Merging the advantages of PE100 polyethylene materials with significant traceability, DETECTAPIPE can protect buried telecommunications asset networks throughout Australia with significant cost efficiencies available for all stakeholders – from the telecommunications authorities to the site contractor and, ultimately,
the end user.

“DETECTAPIPE provides many advantages compared to other asset detection solutions: it is manufactured in Australia and supplied at no extra cost, and it provides long-distance detection between pits with easy installation,” said a Real Systems’ spokesperson.

“Additionally, DETECTAPIPE is designed, owned and manufactured in Australia and can be customised to suit labelling requirements, such as to suit NBN specifications.”

At present, DETECTAPIPE is distributed in Victoria by Thomastown-based Convic Australia, with distribution to other states to be advised in the future. Coil sizes of up to 3,000 m can be ordered and supplied across Australia if required.

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