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South Australia Councillor’s report

It is expected that the adoption of Trenchless Technology will continue to grow as asset owners’ awareness of the technology growth and how its usage is mandated across the full spectrum of construction works. The increasing demand we have seen for vacuum excavation equipment is evidence of this trend towards the mandating of non-destructive digging technology.

Activity seen in our horizontal directional drilling sector has been steady, but by no means intense, with a constant flow of work available to select contractors across projects including the National Broadband Network and North South Corridor.

The SA Major Projects Conference 2015 will be held on the 12-13 August 2015 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, which should provide insight into potential trenchless projects in the region.

SA Water’s water loss management projects

SA Water is responsible for 26,889 km of mains pipes and Adelaide’s reactive soils contribute to incidences of water loss as soil movement and subsidence pulls pipe joints apart or cracks pipes.

It is claimed that, each year, water volume losses from pipe bursts in SA exceed the potential production of the completed but unused desalination plant. SA Water has 25-year plans for main replacements using models based on asset lives and historical burst history.

These plans and the resulting projects are anticipated to be a significant driver of trenchless projects in urban and regional areas across South Australia.

Torrens Road to River Torrens

A 3.7 km upgrade of South Road, between Torrens Road and the River Torrens, will address delays currently caused by Port and Grange Roads and the Outer Harbor rail line, and improve safety along the narrow section between Torrens Road and Port Road.

It will include a new lowered road under Port and Grange roads, allowing the local community, commuters and freight to quickly pass through the area.

National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network is progressing steadily with builds commenced around the Adelaide region and continued activity expected as premises are added to the roll-out schedule and sites progress to build phase.

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