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Taking utility avoidance to another level

Locating equipment manufacturer Vivax-Metrotech has completed its range of cable locating and avoidance tools with the vScan, launched earlier this year at the Institute Of Public Works Engineering’s CivEneX Expo.

Vivax-Metrotech’s product range now spans from the VM550, a simple avoidance tool that fits easily behind the driver’s seat of most vehicles, to the
vLoc 5000, a high end multi frequency locator for the true locating professional. This locator range is well regarded by clients, who range in size from large corporations like Telstra right down to local plumbers.

Product development

According to a Vivax-Metrotech spokesperson, interest in the new product has reinforced the work and time that has gone into developing the vScan.

“Using the innovative approach of the engineers and the valuable feedback from operators across the globe, the vScan is a utility avoidance tool that takes this to another level,” said the spokesperson.

“The vScan Utility Avoidance Tool has been designed to make buried utility detection simple and cost effective. You don’t need to be an electronics expert to get the most out of the vScan. Main features and operational controls are in keeping with industry standards so minimal training is required.”

The product combines worksite-friendly controls with advanced electronic hardware and software to ensure one of the most easy-to-use utility avoidance tools. A large dot matrix display gives the vScan the ability to visualise signals in a unique and unambiguous way, while ABS mouldings and rubber protection buffers ensure the vScan continues to give reliable service even in the harshest of conditions.

Together with a dual frequency transmitter transmitting at 33 and
131 kHz, data logging, and an optional metal manhole cover detector, GPS and Bluetooth, the vScan is a complete package, available in various models to suit all applications.

Life-saving operation

“When operating outside user guidelines, various alarms can be triggered to encourage correct usage. These show up very clearly on the large screen as well as having a vibrate control in the handle for an alert that you can feel,” continued the Vivax-Metrotech spokesperson.

“There is even a built-in calibration check routine that will alert the user if there are any problems. This ensures that cost of ownership is kept to a minimum whilst safety standards are maintained.”

The MyvSan software management tool allows easy transfer of data and allows the setting up of alarms, reporting and configuration details. For management wishing to lock these settings, a USB lockout dongle is also available.

“Locating and identifying services prior to any digging is of utmost importance,” said the Vivax-Metrotech spokesperson. ”

“It is not only essential as a cost saving measure – getting it right literally saves lives.

“Anyone who is going to be digging a hole needs to make sure that they and their employees are safe. Using tools such as the new vScan will help you avoid the avoidable catastrophe.”

Introducing the vCam MX

Vivax-Metrotech has also recently introduced the vCam MX, its latest inspection camera system. Developed to meet the vigorous demands of Vivax-Metrotech’s customers, the vCam MX is a smaller, more reliable and cost-effective camera system complementing the company’s existing vCam 5 range.

“Our customers wanted small self-levelling cameras, the ability to push out to 30 m when needed and enough light to be able to see clearly in a 200 mm pipe,” said the Vivax-Metrotech spokesperson.

The vCam MX has a 26 mm self-levelling camera or an 18 mm fixed camera. Both cameras have enough light output to see inside a 200 mm pipe. The system also enables recording to either USB or SD card for playback and for sending to the customer.

“The push rod is traceable and the system has a built in sonde for pinpoint locating,” concluded the company’s spokesperson.

“The sonde frequencies are 512/640 Hz or 33 kHz and the screen on the system is a daylight viewable screen which gives great flexibility in the field.”

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