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Trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater pipe in WA

The rehabilitation work, which will be managed by the Water Corporation, is expected to extend the life of the pipeline by up to 50 years. It is taking place as part of ongoing works to reline and rehabilitate wastewater infrastructure across the state.

The Water Corporation will be employing trenchless methods to minimise disruption for local residents and businesses throughout the project.

Water Minister Mia Davies said “The Water Corporation uses Trenchless Technology to reline wastewater pipes where possible. Trenchless Technology avoids widespread excavation to access the wastewater pipes, which minimises disruption to the community and road users.”

The Water Corporation currently manages more than 12,000 km of wastewater mains in the Perth metropolitan area and more than 16,000 km of mains state-wide.

For further information on this project visit the Water Corporation website.

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