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Inspections for Tassie pipes

Winning the tender in Tasmania was a milestone in Selection Solution’s history of sewer inspection.

The project scope and timeframe required a product that had the capacity to collect data and create reports efficiently.

The IBAK PANORAMO system was selected to complete the project because it uses a unique scanner technology, allowing pipeline inspections to be carried out at a substantially higher speed than conventional CCTV systems.

Unlike pan-and-tilt camera systems, IBAK PANORAMO uses two high resolution digital photo cameras with 185å¡ fisheye lenses.

Each camera takes images at distances of 5 cm.

These images are automatically put together to create a true 3D interior view of the entire pipe.

In Select Solutions’ current work for TasWater, the company embraced the accuracy of IBAK PANORAMO, which allows the operator to make informed decisions about the condition of the sewer.

Select Solutions Plumbing and Civil Group Manager Damian Bradley said “Prior to PANORAMO technology, the extent of pipe infrastructure damage was all totally reliant upon the operator. Now the guessing game is over.”

Where conventional CCTV systems only allow the operator to see in one direction as they progress through the pipe, IBAK PANORAMO captures images in both directions, thus offering a complete and uninterrupted view.

With reporting features such as zoom and user office panning 360å¡, IBAK PANORAMO gives the experts a 2D flattened view offering both fast and accurate examination of objects such as displaced joints and protruding connections.

TasWater Senior Asset Management Engineer Damian Devlin notes that high speed, image quality, the ability to view branch connections before and after, as well as the ease of access to a stitched 3D view of sewer defects make IBAK PANORAMO the preferred method for future inspections.

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