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Optum Pipe Lining Supplies rebrands

Under this new banner, Optum will continue supply a large range of products and services, including a full suite of cured-in-place (CIP) technologies (ambient, heat and UV-cured); lateral, full-length and large-diameter lining systems; and consultancy services.

The company will also supply UV point repair and lateral re-opening technologies and has announced an exclusive Australasian partnership with IMS robotics.

Optum Pipe Lining Supplies was established in 2011 following the success of parent company RSM Lining Supplies Global in the UK and Europe.

Prior to establishing Optum, RSM had been supplying material into the Australasian market to a select few contractors since 2007.

However, following visits by RSM Managing Director Richard Davis, the Australasian market presented opportunities for many overseas-developed technologies and processes.

There was also a desire to improve domestic stock holdings and deliver ground-level technical support.

Following a two-year period of adaption to the Australian market, Optum acquired the services of General Manager Stephen Fanning in 2013.

With the RSM brand continuing to grow, the decision was then made to pool resources and bring Optum under the RSM banner, providing greater access to changing technologies, faster supply times, and access to RSM’s technical support team.

Mr Fanning will remain active in RSM and assist contractors in completing almost any CIP installation no matter how large or complex.

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