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Revolutionising the pipe spacing industry

“Before kwik-ZIP came onto the market, metallic spacers or timber supports were often used by contractors for pipe centralisation,” said Joe Pezzimenti of Pezzimenti Trenchless.

“These methods – especially the use of wood – can be impractical or unreliable, as the timber can become loose over time. Using wooden inserts to space a pipe also does not comply with most current standards. kwik-ZIP spacers on the other hand, do comply, and offer contractors like myself a practical and safe alternative.”

A central role on the VNIE project

Mr Pezzimenti has used kwik-ZIP spacers across a wide range of trenchless projects for a number of years, including his team’s most recent installations as part of the Victorian North Interconnect Expansion project.

According to Mr Pezzimenti, not only do they comply with spacing standards and codes, they are one of the most flexible, practical and cost-effective options on the market.

“The lack of suitable spacing products available led me to use kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers. They are flexible enough to suit even the most challenging of specifications and are strong enough to last. Choosing kwik-ZIP was an easy decision – other products are not strong enough, are impractical or too expensive,” said Mr Pezzimenti.

Changing the pipe space

Designed by industry drilling professionals, the lack of quality spacing systems on the market drove the kwik-ZIP creators to envision a revolutionary product that solves the common problems faced by pipeline contractors, and change the pipe spacing industry within Australia.

Still 100 per cent Australian owned, kwik-ZIP allows contractors to be in close contact with the manufacturer at every step of the way.

“If I ever have a question, I can call and speak directly to the manufacturer at kwik-ZIP. I can have one of their people out on-site to provide any required assistance – that is one of the major benefits of using an Australian made, quality spacer system,” said Mr Pezzimenti.

The kwik-ZIP advantage

The kwik-ZIP spacer and centraliser range can be fitted on all forms of pipeline installations, from oil and gas, civil pipelines, water pipelines to trenchless drilling.

Being made wholly from thermoplastic materials, kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers are easy to install and gentle on all types of pipe casing.

And when it comes to trenchless installations, kwik-ZIP offers yet another advantage, Mr Pezzimenti concluded.

“Microtunnelling is all about accuracy. Lines and grade require the utmost in precision and kwik-ZIP spacers add an extra measure of accuracy to the process.”

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