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Trenchless goes to the races

The minimally disruptive nature of trenchless rehabilitation can see the technology deployed beneath a whole range of landmarks and locations.

A case in point was a recent rehabilitation project in Melbourne, beneath the hallowed grounds of the famous Flemington Racecourse.

Flemington Racecourse Manager Michael Gooding contacted Rangedale Drainage and Civil with a problem.

Mr Gooding’s maintenance team had noticed some ground subsidence in different locations throughout the racecourse’s training and race tracks.

With preparations already underway for the fast-approaching Melbourne Cup race and carnival, this subsidence was of enormous concern.

Thus the call was made to Garrie McLean of Rangedale Drainage and Civil, who agreed that an urgent CCTV inspection of the pipe assets that run throughout the racecourse.

This would determine if the subsidence was being caused by defective pipelines and would require further rehabilitation action.

Putting the pipe before the horse

The CCTV inspections were conducted and numerous pipeline sections were identified that presented infiltration through their rubber ring joints – an effect of the ground conditions present at Flemington.

Due to the enormous cost of excavation at the prestigious location, as well as the potential for cancellations during the race period, excavation to repair these infiltrated pipelines was not possible.

After discussions of appropriate measures to take, it was decided that Rangedale Civil and Drainage would install numerous Smart Lock pipe repair systems at the identified defective pipeline systems.

An authorised installer of the Australian-made mechanical repair system, the contractor swung into action, installing Smart Lock repairs on pipelines with diameters ranging from 300-525 mm.

Despite several significant challenges such as harsh weather conditions and high levels of infiltration on some assets, Mr McLean said the whole project was successfully completed within the required timeframe and without disrupting the racing and carnival periods at Flemington – a definite bullseye for the Smart Lock repair system.

Even for the most infiltrated defective joints, it was no problem for the Smart Lock system to effectively seal and repair.

Throughout the project, Rangedale Civil and Drainage’s installation crews had to deal with severe weather – especially during the crucial installation periods.

While the weather did not make things easy, the Smart Lock system was still able to be installed, due to the large diameter bypass Smart Lock packers, as well as the system’s materials and resins.

Following the completion of the project, Flemington Manager Mr Gooding said he could not be more pleased with the results.

“After the first day of installing the Smart Lock, all of our concerns were eased,” said Mr Gooding.

“It was amazing to see how the system worked to seal and repair pipeline defects and it was even more pleasing to be able to support an Australian designed and made product.”

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