Video: HDD Advisor Tutorial

The HDD Advisor is the first program of its kind to be introduced to the trenchless industry.

By registering for an online account operators can easily determine the correct tooling configuration for both Ditch Witch and Vermeer directional drilling strings.

Jaime Wines, Ditch Witch Director of Parts Sales and Marketing, said “Time is money for our customers. That’s why we developed this easy-to-use, interactive tool.”

“It gives drill operators the confidence to quickly and correctly select downhole tool options”Óeverything from the SaverLok to the drill pipe to the backreamer”Óto match the drill unit they’re using and soil conditions on the job.”

Before HDD Advisor it was cumbersome and time-consuming for operators to determine the correct tooling configurations for a horizontal directional drilling project. The HDD Advisor removed the need for paperwork and determines tooling based on some simple input criteria.

Watch the HDD Advisor tutorial video.

For further information visit the Ditch Witch website or the HDD Advisor website.

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