Top five trenchless videos of the year

The Queensland Urban Utilities video on the utility’s S1 Sewer Main Project in Brisbane details the project that involved rehabilitating a 1.5 m diameter pipe 20 m (the equivalent of eight storeys) below ground. View the S1 Sewer Main Project video here to see some great shots of crews and the spiral wound technology in action.

Those involved in the New Zealand tunnelling industry will be well aware of the plight of Alice, the world’s 10th largest TBM who has been an integral part of the Auckland Waterview connection. This video of Alice’s breakthrough made our top five list through the evident excitement for an event that’s been one year in the making, view the video here.

Despite this video being set in Mexico, it made the top five list due to featuring 3M’s Scothkote 2400 liner, the technology that won the ASTT’s New Technology of the Year Award. The technology is currently at work in Melbourne as part a trial with Yarra Valley Water. View how the technology is utilised to extend the life of water mains through this case study video.

While some eagerly await announcement of the latest apple products, the Trenchless Australasia team is always on the lookout for new products from the big names in trenchless. We love this introduction to Vermeer’s D220x330 Horizontal Directional Drill, introduce yourself through this video.

The SCIRTnz team’s video thanking the people of Christchurch for their patience through the ongoing rehabilitation to the town following the devastating 2011 earthquake is sure to make you smile. See some great choreography from construction crews in the video here.

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