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Asset management made easy

In developed countries, an average of 65 per cent of all sewer networks are functioning normally on a given day. The problem is establishing the functioning sewers from those in need of repair.

This PDF e-guide offers specific solutions to assist asset owners and managers to reduce the misallocation of CCTV and/or cleaning resources, target problem areas of networks, and put in place a strong asset management program.

The e-guide covers:

  • The stages of asset management
  • CCTV technologies
  • Leak detection using low-voltage technology
  • Asset management strategies for the Australian context.

This e-guide has been put together by Trenchless Australasia with the support of sponsors Austeck, SECA and UVS Trenchless Technology, and is now available as a FREE download on Trenchless Australasia’s website.

Download the FREE e-guide here.

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