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Plans to install new sewers on the Shipwreck Coast

The installation work will take place as part of a larger program of works for the Shipwreck Coast Masterplan.

With more than one million visitors each year, the tourist stops along the Great Ocean Road will be upgraded and improved with the installation of new sewer lines and public toilets.

This will be a significant improvement on the current situation, as there are only 25 toilets along the major tourist route.

Environment Minister Lisa Neville said “We’ve had a couple of occasions where we’ve had overflows in terms of wastewater which has posed a risk, a terrible amenity issues, but also a risk to the very fragile environment.

“So I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to find a solution.”

The full program of works associated with the Shipwreck Coast Masterplan is valued at AU$178 million. Expressions of interest for the works are expected to be opened in the coming months.

For further information visit the Shipwreck Coast Masterplan website or download a PDF of the plan.

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