Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19
Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19

AGL identifies 30 gas leaks using trenchless

AGL Energy Limited recently released the 2015 Leak Detection and Repair Report for the Camden Gas Project, which highlighted at least 30 leaks within the network.

Ahead of releasing the report, AGL conducted comprehensive leak detection surveys that covered thousands of gas wells and processing facility components. Using trenchless leak detection methods, the company was able to repair all identified leaks on the Camden Gas Project within the day. Col Duck, AGL’s Head of Gas Operation, said “The Camden Gas Project has been operating safely since 2001 with 96 operational wells. “The testing program uses the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘Method 21’ for leak detection, where the detector probe is placed at or on the component being tested. “This can find leaks that are otherwise undetectable if the probe is moved just a few centimetres away.” The final Leak Detection and Repair Report listed at least 30 leaks, none of which were classified as ‘significant’ according to US Environmental Protection Agency EPA standards. The Camden Gas Project is located in New South Wales and produces approximately 5 per cent of the state’s gas. For further information or to download the full report visit the AGL website.

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