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Pipe repaired but water supply not guaranteed

The call comes after the trunk main was damaged in a super storm in April 2015, leaving many properties without access to water.

Properties currently connected to the network access water from the Chichester Trunk Gravity Main (CTGM) under a non-standard agreement where water is sold at a discounted rate because supply isn’t guaranteed and is untreated.

Hunter Water interim CEO Jeremy Bath said “The CTGM was designed to deliver bulk water from Chichester Dam, not as a standard water supply main, which means Hunter Water can’t guarantee continuous supply to those drawing directly from it.

“Last year a 50 m section of the CTGM washed away in the April Super Storm, which meant the entire pipeline had to be shut down for three weeks while it was repaired.

“Although some of the non-standard CTGM customers had rainwater tanks in place, many properties didn’t and required Hunter Water to deliver crates of bottled water at a time when our efforts should have been on responding to urgent storm damage.”

Customers that decided to renew their non-standard CTGM agreements are being encouraged to secure a secondary water source and will continue to receive water at a discounted rate.

For further information visit the Hunter Water website.

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