TAG offers continued benefits for trenchless sector

Isle Utilities is a water and energy technology consultancy firm that has been managing the Technology Approval Group (TAG) program with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) for four years.

Using the TAG program, several utilities have been able to participate in at least 40 individual and collaborative trials of new water industry and trenchless technologies.

TAG participant Unitywater has used the program for innovative trials of ice pigging and Cloevis chemical dosing, a nitrous free acid used for controlling odours and corrosion in sewers.

Simon Taylor, Unitywater’s Executive Manager for Infrastructure Planning and Capital Development, said “The TAG program helps utilities promote knowledge sharing and form partnerships with industry that ultimately deliver benefits to customers.”

SewerBatt, one of the most successful TAG technologies, has been collaboratively trialled by ten utilities and subsequent implement by three, reducing the operational costs of sewer inspection programs.

The WSAA Executive Director Adam Lovell said “The TAG program has been a breakthrough, removing many of the challenges faced by water utilities in identifying and influencing technologies.

“WSAA is pleased to continue its role in conjunction with Isle Utilities by encouraging greater collaboration and cheaper subscriptions between members.”

Isle Utilities Chairman Dr Piers Clark said “This agreement is a great endorsement of the partnership that WSAA and Isle have developed over the past four years.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship, and together brining more innovative, game changing technologies to the Australia water sector.”

For further information visit the Isle Utilities website.

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