Are lateral connections the next generation of structural junction sealing?

This is being driven by the need to prevent infiltration, exfiltration and root ingress into both the renewed liner and host pipe.

Interflow’s patented next generation Interfitå¨ technology has been designed as a structural seal for lateral junctions in relined services.

Through the use of two different designs, the Interfitå¨ and Interfitå¨ Top Hat lateral connections can be sealed in services ranging from 150 mm to 750 mm. Interflow has installed more than 75,000 Interfitå¨ lateral connections across Australia and New Zealand since 2007.

The Interfit is made of a PVC-lined, woven glass fibre felt composite impregnated with a high performance silicate resin. The resin has been specifically developed to deliver a high bond strength with a fast curing time allowing for multiple junctions to be installed in a day.

The resin-impregnated composite cures to form a strong long-term bond between the renewed liner and the house service line. It is designed to be used in services with diameters ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm.

For diameters between 375 mm to 750 mm the Interfitå¨ Top Hat can be installed.

The Interfit Top Hat provides a functional solution through its unique design leading to its namesake. The base of the hat secures itself inside the relined pipe allowing for the top part to insert into the lateral connection effectively sealing the junction.

Both lateral connections are installed by mounting them onto an inflatable packer and inserting this into the sewer line from the nearest manhole. At the junction, the packer is inflated and kept in place till the resin has cured, when it is then deflated leaving the installed Interfitå¨ and a structurally sealed junction.

As more sewer services are rehabilitated it becomes imperative that suitable structural junction seals are deployed and installed as part of the renewal process. Interflow says that using the Interfitå¨ will help authorities meet infiltration reduction targets and reduce future issues of ingress and root infestation.

For further information visit the Interflow website.

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