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Keynote speakers announced for Ozwater’16

Aromar Revi and Kerry Bodine have been announced as the keynote speakers for the upcoming Ozwater’16 Conference and Exhibition.

Mr Revi is the Director of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements.

In this position he has overseen more than 100 major research, consulting and implementation projects across the globe.

Ozwater’16 Chairman John Thwaites said that Mr Revi will bring a unique international perspective on the challenges and opportunities for the water sector as a result of worldwide urban growth.

“As an industry, we need to think beyond purely water and begin to look at the role of water linked to housing, new development and planning, international slum reduction and energy production, just to mention a few,” said Mr Thwaites.

Ms Bodine, a US author and business consultant, will be contributing to plenary sessions by sharing his knowledge on improving the customer experience.

Mr Thwaites commented “Water authorities are increasingly saying they need to give their customers a better experience.

“The relationships with customer is challenging as consumers get more demanding and their expectations increase.

“Ms Bodine is a global expert in promoting superb customer experience and I am sure the industry will be very interested in the insights she is able to give.”

In addition to contributions from Mr Revi and Ms Bodine, Ozwater’16 will feature a keynote panel sessions that will draw together some of the water industry’s most respected figures to debate on contemporary issues facing the sector.

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