Special notice to ASTT members

The ASTT has finally upgraded its 20-year-old database and to this end, your 2016 tax invoice was emailed to you in December 2015.

In order for this new system to work as intended, it relies on up-to-date email addresses.

We have noticed several emails coming back as not being delivered for various reasons.

It is imperative that you check and see if indeed you have received your tax invoice and in the event that do not recall seeing it, please as a matter of urgency email ASTT Secretary Jeff Pace at {encode=”jeffpace@astt.com.au” title=”jeffpace@astt.com.au”} and he will resend to you.

Your fees were due to be paid on 1 January 2016 and on 30 March 2016, the ASTT will be paying the ISTT its affiliation fee based on the members in the system.

We do not want to be paying for non-members. If you do not wish to retain your membership then please let Jeff Pace know before the end of March.

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