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Utility utilises sliplining for AU$22 million sewer rehabilitation


Utility utilises sliplining for AU$22 million sewer rehabilitation

December 12, 2016 , 0

Melbourne Water will utilise Trenchless Technology for an AU$22 million sewer rehabilitation project in the city’s southwest.

The utility will use sliplining to reline and rehabilitate manholes on the 4.4 km Williamstown Main Sewer, between Pasco St, Williamstown and Scienceworks, Spotswood.

Melbourne Water will install 800 m of 525 mm circular sections, 3.6 km of 1,050 mm by 750 mm ovoid sections, at depths of 8-15 m.

The project is designed to provide the Williamstown, Spotswood and Newport communities with a reliable sewerage service, improve public health and the operation of the sewer, minimise blockages, eliminate odour and extend the life of the sewer by 50 years.

The project will also eliminate the risk of dry weather sewerage spills due to the poor condition of the of the sewer pipe, reducing the risk of environmental damage.

For more information visit the Melbourne Water website.

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