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Website Skins – Nov – Mar ’18

Register for the two-day NULCA training course

Register for the two-day NULCA training course

15 February 2017 0

NULCA, via JB Hunter, conducts a two-day training course targeted at individuals who have some experience using a locator, or have used one in the past.

More details on the upcoming courses are available on the JB Hunter website.

NULCA members have been asked to register their interest with JB Hunter if there is no course currently scheduled for their state. Please cc’ so that NULCA  can keep track of interest.

NULCA said there might be the possibility to tailor the training to suit specific company’s needs, and that if there are 6-10 locators in the same state that required an introductory to locating or a refresher course, they could register their interest with NULCA Vice President at, stating the type of training required.

For more information visit the JB Hunter website.

If you have a training course you would like featured in the Utility Location e-newsletter contact Assistant Editor Nick Lovering at


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