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Website Skins – Nov – Mar ’18

Subsite introduces new utility locating system

Subsite introduces new utility locating system

15 March 2017 0

Subsite, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced a new ground penetrating radar (GPR) system featuring a user-friendly Windows-based interface providing operators with a number of productivity enhancing benefits.

The 2550GR GPR System’s new software is designed result in more efficient locating, with easy GPS connectivity allowing operators to see their path and marks in real-time as they scan.

A wireless connection also enables users to easily download web-based maps such as Google Earth.

Subsite Electronics Utility Locating Systems Product Manager Matt Lumbers said “The 2550GR offers all the same great features as our proven 2450GR.

“It’s ideal for locating any type of utility conduit or piping—metallic or non-metallic, including PVC—beneath soil, rock, pavement, and other surfaces.

“Plus, we’ve added a number of important software upgrades that will simplify operation and improve performance.”

A one-touch recalibration button lets operators transition from one scanning surface to another quickly and easily, while the earth-engaged antenna provides better contact on uneven terrain and reduces signal loss.

“We listened to users in the field and have been able to improve the operator experience with significant software upgrades,” Mr Lumbers said.

The 2550GR locates both metallic and non-metallic pipes and cables to allow one-pass locates at depths of up to 6 m, depending on soil conditions and antenna selection.

A 9 km per hour survey speed and digitally controlled radar allow the 2550GR to provide fast, clear images.

In addition to utility mapping efforts, the 2550GR’s advanced locating capability makes it ideal for a wide range of other applications including void and sinkhole detection, concrete detection, and locating underground storage tanks.

For more information visit the Subsite website.

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