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Proteus steps up innovation drive

Pipeline inspection equipment manufacturer, Mini-Cam, has unveiled several new additions to its line of Mini-Cam products, including the Proteus CRP90 crawler and the CAM028 camera. Mini-Cam Proteus products are distributed in Australia through Spoutvac Industries.

Mini-Cam’s Proteus crawler systems are used by utilities and their contractors to record and transmit footage during the inspection of water and wastewater drainage assets. The systems provide accurate assessments and proof that lines have been properly cleaned. The crawlers have versatility and can also be used in the oil and gas, construction and engineering industries.

With more than 20 years’ experience innovating solutions for pipeline inspections, Mini-Cam says that with the Proteus it has created its most advanced, capable, feature-rich, and expandable system to date.

About the Proteus CRP90

The Proteus has been designed to meet real world needs and is highly affordable, reliable, and fully supported by experienced engineers. It also comes with the Mini-Cam’s built-in support video support system.

At 260 mm in length, and 80 mm in width, the Proteus is Mini-Cam’s smallest crawler to date. It features technological innovations including:

  • a motorised lift so the camera can be centred in pipes up to 225 mm in diameter
  • a lowering device for quick and easy deployment and retrieval
  • a patented system that makes changing wheels fast and simple.

The Proteus is also equipped with an inclination sensor that detects the crawler’s roll angle, with the control unit issues a warning if the crawler is in danger of tipping over. The CRP90 can be installed as part of Mini-Cam’s custom van fit-out service. The system is also fully portable, supplying up to five hours of inspection.

About the CAM028 Pan & Rotate Zoom Camera

Mini-Cam has also introduced the latest addition to its range cameras developed for use with the Proteus system. The CAM028 Pan & Rotate Zoom Camera is the ‘big brother’ to the smaller CAM026 and features a 120 x zoom factor, two clusters of ultra-bright LED lights to give clearer images and twin lasers for diameter and defect measurement.

Other features include shudder-free horizontal and vertical viewing, a pan-and-tilt function and 360° rotation. Like the Proteus system, it is available in Australia through Spoutvac Industries.

“Our mission is simple: to design and build intelligent, reliable and affordable crawlers and push cameras with innovative features. We constantly research our customers’ requirements for inspections in challenging environments, develop solutions and integrate them into our systems,” says Mini-Cam Managing Director Nigel Wilson.

Mini-Cam’s Proteus range is distributed in 31 countries, including Australia, where its key distribution partner is Spoutvac Industries.

For more information visit the Spoutvac website.

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