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Spoutvac takes on RSP equipment

One of Australia’s leading manufacturers and servicers of vacuum trucks and drain cleaning equipment, Spoutvac, has added the German-made RSP vacuum excavation equipment to its portfolio.

Spoutvac is one of Australia’s first major manufacturers of industrial vacuum and water jetting equipment. Established in October 1987, Spoutvac is recognised as a leader in vacuum loading and high-pressure water jetting technologies, specialising in the design of mobile solutions for environmental and industrial cleaning, material handling, hydro excavation and drain and sewer cleaning. The company prides itself on its service support, with a purpose-built facility to accommodate its customers.

The addition of RSP equipment to Spoutvac’s product line will complement their existing range of products and services, allowing them it to continue to supply and support the Australian industry with world leading equipment. The rise of the company since its inception is not dissimilar to that of RSP, who started from humble beginnings, but has now been operating in Germany for more than 20 years, providing non-destructive vacuum excavation equipment throughout Europe. Standardisation has been the cornerstone of Spoutvac’s success over the last five years, and as a result the company has decided to offer two base model RSP units to the Australian market.

Both products will be supported by Spoutvac’s extensive national support network across Australia. The high-volume vacuum generated by the RSP-patented fan system makes it ideal for minimising waste, while increasing productivity by minimising the amount of water required to excavate.

ESE 4 RS4000

The ESE 4 RS4000, super structure on a two-axle-chassis, is the ideal solution for inner city civil engineering work in confined spaces. The small dimensions can easily drive down narrow streets and through small construction sites. It has a range of 4.1 m, a flow maximum flow rate of 32,000 m3 per hour, a capacity of 4 m3 and a tipping axle height of 2.1 m, all on two-axle chassis with a wheelbase of 4,200 mm.

ESE 6 RD8000

The ESE 6 RD8000 is the perfect vehicle for difficult civil engineering and disposal tasks. The combination of high suction power and compact dimensions make the model an all-rounder for daily construction site use. The machine has a 6.1 m long articulated hose, a capacity of 6 m3, and a maximum flow rate of 42,000 m3 per hour, on a four axle chassis and comes fitted with a 250 mm (10 inch) vacuum hose and full hydraulic boom.

For more information visit the Spoutvac website.

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