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ASTT names award winners at NDDU

The event, sponsored by Ditch Witch, featured the presentation of five awards, including the coveted ASTT Person of the Year which was awarded to Pezzimenti Tunnelbore NSW Manager Jim Shooter.

Person of the Year

A long-time member of the ASTT, Mr Shooter was recently involved in establishing and Chairing the ASTT Special Interest Group (SIG) for Microtunnelling.

The SIG has lead the developed the microtunnelling design guidelines, which are a significant breakthrough from the previous WSA code design for Trenchless Technology.

The majority of Mr Shooter’s tireless efforts have been outside of his normal work activities.

The template for these guidelines have now been mirrored by the ASTT’s horizontal directional drilling (HDD) SIG, with plans to do more in the future.

Young Person of the Year

Suresearch Managing Director Glen Wakelin was awarded the ASTT Young Person of the Year.

Mr Wakelin first took over Suresearch in 2005 when the business predominantly worked on concealed leaks.

Since then, he has expanded the business into the field of hydro excavation, CCTV and, more recently, utility surveying.

Mr Wakelin has grown the business from a one man operation in 2005, to 10-15 staff members in 2010, and 50 staff members in 2016.

New Technology

Aussie Trenchless Supplies’ HOT SLEEVE was named as the winner of the ASTT New Technology Award.

HOT SLEEVE offers a controlled and speedy resin cure for patch liners and T Seals, saving over 60 per cent of crew time during the resin cure period by utilising heat to passively cure the resin patch matrix.

The product allows resin to achieve the maximum pot life with the shortest cure period.

The HOT SLEEVE is portable and easy to use, has a small site footprint and can result in a 60 per cent reduction in cure periods, improving the productivity and profitability of rehabilitation projects.

Project of the Year – New Installation

Queensland-based utility Unitywater was presented the ASTT Project of the Year – New Installation Award for its Noosa River Drill project.

In September 2015, Unitywater’s sewer rising main crossing Weyba Creek at the mouth of the Noosa River failed.

The 30-year-old pipeline had been installed by trenching the pipe 2 m deep into the bed of the creek.

As the pipe had separated at the failure location, repair by relining was not possible and Unitywater elected to complete the rehabilitation project using HDD.

Undertaking an HDD project to complete urgent reactive work required innovative thinking to overcome the obstacles and complete the project in the limited time available.

The fast-track project saw the installation of 350 m of DN 315 product pipe by HDD parallel to, and below, the failed main.

Project of the Year – Rehabilitation

Abergeldie Watertech’s rehabilitation of the Balmain South Eastern Slopes Submain (BSESS) won the ASTT Project of the Year – Rehabilitation Award.

The BSESS is a historic Sydney Water brick oviform sewer, built in 1897.

The utility’s CCTV investigations and assessment of the sewer identified that 630 m of pipe was nearing or had come to the end of its service life.

Sydney Water determined that the only viable cost-effective option was to rehabilitate the BSESS through the installation of structural internal liners and contacted Abergeldie to compete the works.

In March 2016, Abergeldie successfully rehabilitated the 115 m curved asset.

This was achieved by first installing a 12 mm thick cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) “sacrificial” liner and then installing a 16.5 mm thick structural CIPP liner.

Both liners successfully negotiated the bend within the asset without any displacement of bricks or damage to the oviform structure.

The method adopted allowed for the completion of works with no reportable safety incidents.

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