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Aussie Trenchless Supplies appoints new Australian HOT SLEEVE distributor

Aussie Trenchless Supplies has appointed a new Australian distributor for HOT SLEEVE – the electric blanket for the trenchless patch lining and T-seal repair industry.

The innovative Australian-designed and developed lining product is now available through Australian Pipelining Supplies P/L.

HOT SLEEVE, is a tight-fitting and flexible sleeve cover that fits over existing inflatable patch packers. Short length liners, patch liners, junction and lateral T-seals, are all common rehabilitation methods used to repair faults and leaking joints in underground sewer and stormwater infrastructure.

It utilises DC current to evenly heat the internal surface of a patch matrix, resulting in a passive but fast resin cure period, allowing for a long resin pot life.

The quick cure period provided by HOT SLEEVE allows the relevant technician to use a longer pot life resin to supply a controlled and steady wet out and positioning into the pipe, eliminating time constraints that can result in defective work and aborted installations.

Speaking about the product, Aussie Trenchless Supplies Director Chris Meredith says, “Patch lining and junction T-sealing is part of everyday life for rehabilitation contractors. In the past, equipment suppliers have tried various heating apparatus on inflatable rubber packers, usually with the heating wire as an integral part of the inflatable packer.

“We have re-thought the process and developed the HOT SLEEVE heating jacket to fit around standard inflatable rubber packers. Once fitted it stays in place until its useful life has expired, then it is discarded and a new one is fitted. No other system allows the inflatable spot repair packer to live on.”

About the HOT SLEEVE

The HOT SLEEVE heating jacket offers improved curing times for patch liners and T-seals, by providing passive heat to the patch matrix. Product features include:

  • Maximum pot life for shortest cure period
  • Tight fitting jacket for repair of the inflatable packer repairs
  • Reduced resin curing periods
  • Small site footprint for installation
  • Low current DC control unit.

This article was featured in the September edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, click here.

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