Aussie Trenchless Supplies launches the HYDRAPULSE

Aussie Trenchless Supplies earlier this year launched the HYDRAPULSE, a gate device that controls the flow of effluent to minimise the impact of silt and debris deposits in sewers.

The release of Aussie Trenchless Supplies’ HYDRAPULSE has sparked significant local interest, with a water utility and local council initiating trials of the product on their networks. The innovative gate device controls the flow of effluent to minimise the effect of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in sewers, maintaining the cleanliness of sewer systems and reducing maintenance costs.

It has the ability to passively maintain sewer cleanliness, resulting in a reduction of sewer maintenance costs, while offering additional environmental and customer benefits.

Aussie Trenchless Supplies Director Chris Meredith says a major eastern states water authority is about to trial the HYDRAPULSE flusher gate to remove a build-up of FOG discharged by a collection of restaurants in a densely populated area.

Mr Meredith says he has also has been approached by a local council in regional New South Wales who wants to trial HYDRAPULSE on a 500 m DN 150 sewer, suffering from line sag debris and a build-up of silt.

HYDRAPULSE is installed in sewer manholes where the network is subject to blockages due to FOG, sags in the line, or where solids are deposited due to low flow conditions.

The unique design of the HYDRAPULSE provides an instantaneous snap opening and closing action which produces a wave of wastewater to flush and cleanse the downstream sewer effectively.

On the upstream side, constant changes in the effluent level help to prevent FOG, silt and debris from sticking to the sewer walls. In addition to this, HYDRAPULSE’s design is resistant to jamming and blocking, due to rags or similar materials getting stuck, and is inherently ‘fail safe’ during storm conditions.


HYDRAPULSE is easy to install and eliminates the need for costly periodic water jetting of problem sewers and blockages due to FOG, silts and sags in the line. It reduces maintenance cost and restores asset performance cost effectively.

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