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Coliban upgrades Bendigo Water Treatment Plant

Coliban Water is carrying out an upgrade for its raw water pre-treatment process at the Bendigo Water Treatment Plant.

Coliban Water has contracted Interflow for the construction of a 2 km sewer pipeline, which connects the plant with the sewer network aims to improve the plant’s ability to cope with the changes in quality and capacity of the raw water supply.

“We installed a pre-treatment dosing system in 2012 and carried out a process upgrade in 2014 to overcome issues in raw water quality,” said Coliban Water Manager Infrastructure Deliver Corey Bourne.

“The quality of the raw water entering our plant has changed since the plant was built in 2002.

“The plant can source supply from our catchment storages near Kyneton through the Coliban Main Channel and also from our capacity share in Lake Eppalock.

“With the construction of the Goldfields Superpipe in 2007 we have the ability to source water from the Waranga Channel and this water needs to undergo the pre-treatment process to control odour and taste, remove manganese, iron and colour from the water.

Mr Bourne said that the pipeline upgrade will help the plant cope with the increased wastewater discharge from the plant due to the treatment process and the increased frequency of membrane cleaning caused by fluctuation in raw water quality.

“The pipeline construction will involve a combination of trenchless and open trenching methods,” he said.

“Trenchless techniques reduce the need for excavation and prevent damage to trees and their roots.

“Less excavation also means less disruption to traffic, although there will be some minor traffic management on Tuckermans Lane in Big Hill.”

Works commenced in December 2017 and are anticipated to be completed by April 2018.

For more information visit the Coliban Water website.

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