Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19
Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19

ASTT Members gain access to trenchless tool

ASTT Members can now access the Trenchless Technology Centre (TTC) Trenchless Assessment Guide (TAG-R), a web-based tool identifies suitable trenchless construction methods for any given construction project.

TAG-R was initially developed by the TTC, based at Louisiana Tech University, for the US National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) as standalone software.

The tool uses project attributes, like diameter, length, depth of cover, geological conditions, allowable pipe materials and more to determine appropriate trenchless methods.

The TTC has since developed an online version, a fully automated web-based system for the selection of underground utility construction methods, primarily focused on Trenchless Technology.

TAG-R has a detailed database of more than 80 technologies for the installation, replacement and rehabilitation of underground assets, including sanitary, storm and combined sewers, water mains, laterals and manholes.

To access the site, members should contact ASTT Secretary Jeff Pace, who will provide login information for the site, which can be accessed here.

For more information visit the ASTT website.

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