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Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19

Coliban Water renews $135,000 of water mains

Coliban Water has renewed 580 m of water main at a cost of AU$135,000 across five locations in Cohuna, Victoria as part of its ongoing water mains renewal program.

Coliban Water Manager Infrastructure Corey Bourne said that mains are routinely tested and identified for renewal using a range of criteria, including criticality, risk to customers, failures, supply interruptions and remaining useful life.

The proactive program has prevented impact to customers and reduced ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

“Our recent works in Cohuna commenced in June and took six weeks to complete, replacing water mains on Murray Valley Highway, Bankhead Street, Livingston Street, Tennis Court Road, Brays Road and Cardwardines Road,” said Mr Bourne.

“The oldest main we replaced was installed in 1950.

“The mains were renewed using directional boring, a Trenchless Technology that reduces the need for excavation work and is more environmentally friendly compared to open-trench methods.

“Less excavation prevents damage to trees and root systems, waterways, nature strips, gardens and driveways and means substantially less reinstatement work and less carbon emissions from construction machinery.

“On average directional boring generates 90 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than open-trench excavations and overall cost savings of 25 to 50 per cent.

“Road closures and disruption to residents and businesses close to work sites are also reduced,” said Mr Bourne.

Coliban Water has replaced approximately 2.9 km of water mains across the region at a cost of AU$571,000 as part of the renewal program since 2017.

For more information visit the Coliban Water website.

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