CRL construction begins at Mount Eden

City Rail Link (CRL) has commenced construction to create and redevelop Mount Eden Station.

With the existing stormwater pipe currently in the path of the new CRL tunnels, a section of the pipe will be diverted to create a new alignment between Water and Nikau Streets.

CRL will demolish buildings in the area to make way for shafts to be dug at Water and Ruru Streets.

Shafts at the two streets will provide underground access for a microtunnel boring machine that will simultaneously excavate and install a new stormwater pipe.

The tunnel will be completed in a single drive from Water to Ruru Streets, while a third shat at Mount Eden Road will provide future access to the main via a manhole.

The surface work for the diversion will be on CRL-owned property, causing a minimal effect on traffic.

More than two hectares of land have been bought around the station for the project.

For more information visit the City Rail Link website.

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