Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19
Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19

Qenos releases online benefit calculator

Qenos has released an online benefit calculator which provides pipeline mass and dimensions for PE100 HSCR piping.

The calculator readings are based on inputs like maximum allowable operating pressure, nominal diameter and installation technique and will compare “fit for purpose-risk based” design using PE100 HSCR to “deemed to comply” design with conventional PE100.

The results are then translated into pipeline design charts, quantifying key benefits like increased hydraulic capacity, lower carbon footprint and reduced material consumption.

Qenos Pipe Market Segment Manager Jeroen Wassenaar said the online calculator would be beneficial for engineers.

“It covers a range of applications, including potable and irrigation water, domestic and industrial sewerage, gas distribution and coal seam gas gathering networks,” he said.

The tool was developed with input from leading polyethylene pipe manufacturers and pipes specialty consultant Mike Stahmer, who said the calculator provided a simplified presentation of key aspects.

“These aspects are identified as pipe mass, carbon footprint, hydraulic capacity, allowable tensile load, and critical buckling pressure,” said Mr Stahmer.

“Comparisons are made in each case against ‘standard’ PE100, thus clearly displaying attributes that can be converted into cost savings and other benefits, such as environmental.”

Click here for access to the online benefit calculator.

For more information visit the Qenos website.

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