Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19
Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19

Construction of Forrestfield-Airport Link continues

Tunnel boring machine (TBM) Grace has travelled 2.5 km from the dive structure in Forrestfield after leaving the Airport Central Station box in June, as part of the construction of the Forrestfield-Airport Link.

TBM Sandy has also left the Airport Central Station box and is currently stopped for routine maintenance works just past 2.2 km into tunnel two.

The machines have installed more than 16,000 tunnel segments, more than 60 per cent of which have been produced locally.

Station infrastructure at Airport Central is also progressing, with construction of columns and footings to support the elevated walkway connecting the station with the terminals now 50 per cent complete.

The stair shafts between the elevated walkway and station concourse are also under construction.

Construction of the base slab for Redcliffe Station has begun and nine separate concrete pours of 1.5 m depth will be required, totalling 5,500 m3 of concrete with 1,260 t of steel for reinforcement.

The concrete pours are expected to finish by the end of October in preparation for the arrival of the TBMs at the end of the year.

At Bayswater, all four concrete slabs for the rail overpass have been poured and excavation is progressing.

Of the project’s three emergency egress shafts (ESS), the Abernathy Road site is the furthest along, with excavation of the cross passage complete and water proofing installed.

Construction of the base slab continues at the Airport West EES, while excavation from inside the 9 m diameter shaft at the Wright Crescent EES is underway.

For more information visit the Forrestfield-Airport Link website.

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Image supplied by Forrestfield-Airport Link

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