ASTT hosts invaluable CIPP course in NZ

Led by an international expert, the ASTT recently hosted an invaluable Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) Good Practices Course in Hamilton, New Zealand on 18 September.

Mr Macey starting the CIPP course.

The training course was originally developed by the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), then licensed and adapted by the ASTT for Australasian audiences.

It was presented ahead of the Water New Zealand Conference and Exhibition by an expert in the field, Chris Macey of AECOM in North America.

Mr Macey presented an in-depth overview of wastewater mainline and lateral pipe rehabilitation using CIPP and design to job completion.

Attendees comprised a range of roles, including council and government employees, asset managers, contractors and young professionals working in the trenchless rehabilitation subsector.

The course materials.

Those who attended the training session received a binder of notes specifically developed to complement the course, a copy of the NASTT CIPP Good Practices Guidelines and a copy of the latest Trenchless Australasia magazine.

Between sessions, attendees were provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, where they also had the opportunity to network and discuss the content being covered by Mr Macey.

Many of the attendees lingered after the course ended, to make the most of the opportunity to discuss the ideas and learnings gained over the course of the day, as well as to provide positive feedback on the session.

Course attendees networking during morning tea.

In addition to the CIPP Good Practices Course, training sessions on horizontal directional drilling and new installation will be held on 10 September 2019, prior to the start of the No-Dig Down Under Conference and Exhibition.

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