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Web Tower: Aug – Oct ’19

Contractor puts trenchless relining in the spotlight

An Australian relining contractor has put trenchless technology in the spotlight with coverage in the media.

Nuflow Technologies Managing Director Ed Ahern spoke with Today  Tonight about the advantages of trenchless relining, particularly relevant to areas like Adelaide where burst water mains are a common occurrence, causing damage and disruption.

Mr Ahern explained Nuflow’s epoxy-infused felt liners – which can be used on water, gas and sewage pipe repairs – have been developed with the aid of industrial chemists and polymer engineers over the past 14 years.

The most recent achievement is the technology’s capability in pressurised systems, like pool pipe networks, which feature multiple tight bends that traditionally make it difficult for relining technology.

Mr Ahern said the new pipe created by the liner is stronger and more hardy than the old pipe, with an operational life of 50 years.

He said buried assets are hard to fix and can “cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair” but with relining technology “the pipe can disintegrate and [the new pipe is] strong as can be”.

For more information visit the Nuflow website.

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