Boring through the Blue Mountains

Controversial former Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham has consulted a polarising entrepreneur on an ambitious tunnelling project.

Mr Buckingham used social media to contact The Boring Company Founder Elon Musk for a quote to tunnel through the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

According to the politician, a 50 km tunnel through the Blue Mountains would open “vast opportunities” in the west of NSW and Sydney.

In the Twitter exchange, Mr Musk claimed it would cost approximately AU$15 million/km for a two-way high speed transit tunnel, totalling US$750 million, plus AU$50 million per station for an overall cost of AU$1 billion.

Mr Buckingham said the project would open up the region, giving remote areas the opportunity to grow while also giving access to the city.

The cost and feasibility of the proposal is still up for debate, gaining national coverage.

Speaking with 7 News Sydney, Mr Buckingham said the project could be a game changer.

“We need to look at innovative solutions that are going to take the pressure off western Sydney,” he said.

“We could open up the west of the state, provide housing affordability, a better place to live for so many people if we had a tunnel through the Blue Mountains.

“Elon Musk is really changing the game with his new technology and new company.

“He’s saying for the price of tearing down one football stadium, we could build a tunnel through the Blue Mountains.”

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