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Aussie Trenchless lining solution in Queensland

SRP EXP is recognised as an ideal rehabilitation solution for sewer and stormwater assets, with a fast and easy installation process of its profiles and a final result that offers an extended service life of more than 50 years. The system – available for pipeline assets from DN 150 to DN 1200 – is a close fit structural spiral ribbed PVC liner system for circular sewer and stormwater gravity pipelines.

Designed to fit standard size access chambers, it is ideal for tight spaces and areas with bad access. As the installation process is unaffected by running infiltration and does not need bypass pumping, it’s well suited to gravity water applications, particularly as it enhances the hydraulic characteristics of the rehabilitated asset.

Spiral solution

Aussie Trenchless recently supplied winding equipment and profiles to specialist contractor Relining Solutions, based in Cairns, Queensland, for the spiral wound rehabilitation of DN 300 to DN 750 sewer and stormwater pipelines. The equipment was commissioned and training provided in January this year.

Relining Solutions has been servicing water authorities in northern Queensland for the past 10 years, including the provision of cleaning, CCTV and trenchless rehabilitation services to extend the life of underground pipeline assets. Recently, the company has seen an increase in the need for a large diameter relining system in the region where it operates.

The North Queensland market particularly suffers from issues of distance, mobilisation costs for labour and equipment. By adding SRP EXP to its capabilities, Relining Solutions will be able to reduce end costs, improve service delivery and cut down the isolation of customers in the region.

Selecting a system

In the past, Relining Solutions used a fold and form product on reticulation pipelines, but was unable to provide a similar inhouse service on branch main rehabilitation, so that area of the business was subcontracted. However, upward pricing pressure of mobilisation costs by subcontractors dramatically increased the end costs to water authorities, and coupled with the lack of after sale service, led Relining Solutions to seek an inhouse alternative to using a spiral lining subcontractor.

As there are limited options for spiral lining, performance evaluation of available systems in the lead up to selection is essential. Combining an extensive investigation and the knowledge gained with its spiral lining subcontractor, Relining Solutions chose Aussie Trenchless’ SRP EXP as its preferred rehabilitation system for branch mains.

“SRP EXP uses a re-engineered profile that has been designed by a contractor and offers high holding torques, low expansion torques and low wire pulling tension, supplying future SRP EXP installers the most user friendly system available on the market today,” says Aussie Trenchless Director Chris Meredith.

“Other systems need two separate winding machines to install a range of profiles to suit pipes from DN 150 to DN 1200. SRP EXP has been designed with one winding machine that installs all sizes of expanding profile for pipes from DN 150 to DN 1200 meaning there is no need for multiple machines.

“The same winding machine can also be used for fixed diameter and grouted installations from DN 1000 to DN 1500 providing good versatility for installers.”

Since undertaking training, Relining Solutions has installed more than 1 km of SRP EXP in the first few weeks of operation. Mr Meredith says these results are testament to the performance and versatility of the system and the profile, even in extreme site conditions like cyclonic wet weather.

Product range

In addition to SRP EXP, Aussie Trenchless offers a man entry lining system, Pipe Segment Technology PST which is used for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains. PST uses transparent polypropylene lining panels and is suited to tight location; fits round, ovoid and square pipes forms; and can use an enhanced design strength for high live loads.

The company’s other products are HOT SLEEVE, an electric blanket for trenchless spot repairs, and the HYDRAPULSE™ flusher gate, which maintains the cleanliness of sewers and reduces the chances of blockages.

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